30 April 2014

Delicious Recipes ( Lightroom + Color Efex Pro Workflow ) – 1.1 Update

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Delicious Recipes Update 1.1 - Lightroom and Color Efex Pro workflow for professional photographers

Since the release of the Delicious Recipes ( our time-saving workflow for Lightroom and Color Efex Pro ) in September 2013, many of you used them with success. So far it contained the Color Efex Pro recipes which I personally use. Many of you liked the warm colors very much, but the workflow gains much more possibilities when you have a choice of other color variations within CEP recipes :)

To better cover your personal taste I created 14 new color recipes and 5 B&W recipes. The basic Lightroom preset for RAW developing and the original “Standard” recipe ( the one from the 1.0 version ) also gained some improvements, so don’t forget to update them! :)

Just look how beautiful colors we have now:


23 April 2014

Film Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photography – J.Godoi

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Film Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photography

Juliano Godoi uses the Complete Collection of our Lightroom 4-5 Presets. He loves to use Analog Story Collection, as these are great as film lightroom presets for wedding photography. They are subtle enough to capture timeless memories which will still look great years after the wedding day. They have also their own vintage character which let’s you easily create catchy colors.

12 April 2014

Do You Have a Successful Wedding Photography Business Image?

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Successful Wedding Photography Business

A satisfied and happy couple = awesome marketing and promotion tool. That goes without saying. The question is how do I create a professional image of my company and myself as an artist to attract couples? Yeah, we do often rely on word of mouth. It works so well. But then again, you’ll need some professional reference that your prospective clients may get some insight to. These include: offer, website and portfolio and customer service. Let me focus on these.


5 April 2014

Lightroom Presets Testimonial ( Complete Collection ) – R.Kulwiec

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Lightroom Presets Testimonial

Rafal bought our Lightroom Presets Complete Collection exactly a year ago. Since then he received one major update to the presets.
Recently Rafal sent me his thought and impressions after a year with Delicious Presets. Here is his testimonial: