24 March 2014

Circus Festival shot by M.Mentel – Color Efex Pro Recipes processing

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Color Efex Pro Recipes

Marcin Mentel recently shot the 14th International Circus Festival by Zalewski Circus. He had a glimpse at all the preparations and backstage before, during and after the actual performance. For sure Marcin has an exceptionally perceptive eye! He took so many great shots and beautifully captured the atmosphere of circus show.

Our Lightroom 4/5 + Color Efex Pro 4 workflow

Lightroom Presets + Color Efex Pro Recipes

Marcin could process the whole set quickly with so pleasing colors as he used our Delicious Recipes. It is a Lightroom + Color Efex Pro workflow solution which lets you process whole sets the easy and very fast way. It focuses on a cohesive processing, so if you like to switch styles between each photo, it definitely won’t match your needs. Cohesive processing lets a viewer get deeper into the action and concentrate on the story you have to tell.

Delicious Recipes Testimonial

Delicious Presets review testimonial

(…) The aspects about Delicious Recipes post- processing I loved most:

Picture touch-up – New system divides the workflow into two stages (LR+CEP), which gives a fresh insight into the photo twice. This way, I have the chance to correct any possible previous mistakes that result from the fact that your eye gets used to the colors. Then, I can work on the best effect of the photograph.

Speed – The key thing – especially when you have to edit several thousand pictures a year, just like I do :)

The simplicity of developing – proper raw image developing according to the tips in the manual together with subsequent work with the set of Color Efex Pro effects allows me to bring out the details and improve tonal range of the picture. This way, I can get rich colors without spoiling their natural beauty at the same time. (…) [ Read a full testimonial on product page ]


2 March 2014

6 Smart Tips for a Successful Engagement Shoot

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6 Smart Tips for a Successful Engagement Shoot

What exactly is an engagement session?

Some may ask: „What exactly is an engagement session?” Well, that is namely an occasion for the couple to be photographed before the wedding and for the photographer to establish and build up a relation with the couple.

Photographer’s benefits from engagement shoot

Why should we bother? Well, there are number of reasons why. First of all, for the photographers it is a unique chance to get to know the couple better, their personalities and expectations. It is always nicer to greet the couple on their wedding day with a friendly smile and well-known “Hi!” instead of cold handshakes. The photographer often captures intimate, personal moments. It is a lot easier to do so with someone you already know and worked with rather than almost complete strangers.

Couple’s benefits from engagement shoot

And for the couple? The benefits are countless! Establishing a relationship with the photographer easily translates to actual wedding photos. The outcome is really different, as the couple feels more comfortable with the photographer. That’s because they know his or her style of working and created a level of trust before.

What’s more, some couples don’t like being photographed, as they do not feel very comfortable in front of a camera. Engagement session is a kind of “rescue wheel” as it helps people understand that professional shoot can be fun and that obviously takes a great deal of stress out of the actual wedding day, which again, has an unquestionably positive effect on the pictures from THAT Day.

And something often forgotten about, but immensely important, especially for the bride-to-be. Has anyone ever told you that an engagement session could be a fantastic test of the bride’s make-up? They often arrange a “trial make-up” before the wedding- why not use it on our engagement session day? Thus, the bride tests not only how she looks but also how that make-up presents in the photographs.