10 July 2013

Film Lightroom Presets used by J.Godoi

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Film Lightroom Presets

One Event = One Preset

Juliano Godoi usually uses one of our color presets and one bw preset within one photo set. This is exactly the same way I like to work. It gives nice consistency in whole set. Also the post-processing doesn’t distract a viewer from the plot. It is somewhat transparent and lets viewer enjoy your vision of the event. Keeping one preset within one event also helps to accent the mood that the preset gives for photos. This is also the reason why I like the presets to be more subtle and not so obtrusive. If you want edgy look for single shots, stronger presets might work well. For longer stories it is more natural and pleasant to view one event in subtle colors.

Film Lightroom Presets

Our film lightroom presets in Analog Story Collection are made for creating vintage yet natural look. They are subtle creamy and have a little grain ( adjustable ). Vintage accents are subtle here, to still look well when the years will pass. This could be crucial when you work as a wedding photographer.

Lightroom Presets Used

For color shots Juliano used Classic Analog from our Analog Story Presets Collection for Lightroom 4-5. Black&White shots are processed with B&W Deep Portrait from Black & White Pepper Presets Collection for Lightroom 4-5. These presets are also available in our bundles. ( By buying in bundles you can save up to 31% :) )

Wedding Photography in Brazil

Look at all these beautiful surroundings! Juliano, for sure you perfectly capture all the beauty of Brazilian weddings! :)