17 December 2014

How 31 Prominent Wedding Photographers Define Their Style

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How 31 Prominent Wedding Photographers Define Their Style

The truth may not be too pleasant. The competition in photography industry is high. Well, the word ‘fierce’ might even be more appropriate. Now, every year there is a new number of ‘professionals’ in the market. Some actually are, some strive to be, some will never be. And then again, there is this question that we may ask: “Will clients clearly see the difference between my work and e.g. ‘uncle Bob’s?”

So how to deal with all that? Is that true that a good photograph can defend itself? That is true, but not entirely. You need to make yourself heard, show the world your fantastic work. The question is how to stand out from the crowd of other photographers marching for the same pie? One of the things that you can do, and to my mind a really vital one, is defining your style of photography. And, believe me, if you fail to do that, then someone else will do that for you. And in such case, it is immensely difficult to break free from the ideas that are already there, in the minds of audiences. And that’s not the point, right?