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Analog Story

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Pleasing to the eye, a bit analog character of images gently textured with grain. Gorgeous, subtle tones and colors straight from Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw. We love timeless, subtle edits – they will always be highly appreciated!

13 Adobe Lightroom & ACR presets:

Analog Blue Vintage, Analog Dreamer, Analog Edgy, Analog Love, Analog Vintager, Analog Warmth, Classic Analog, Classic Supera, Emulsion C41, Late Summer, Little Goldie, Shiny Gold, Washed Analog

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Thirteen presets for Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw.

Great looking, subtle analog film colors!

Timeless look – it will always be highly appreciated!

Analog film presets for Adobe Camera Raw ACR Delicious Presets
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Film Lightroom & ACR Presets - Delicious Presets
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Two contrast options

Each preset is available in the intense “+” version and the softer “-“ version. Just another one step to getting things done faster.

Lightroom Presets

Supports Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw ( ACR )

Delicious Presets are available now both for Adobe Lightroom 4/5/6/CC and Adobe Camera Raw 7/8/9 ( Photoshop CS6/CC )

Before & After

Take a closer look at how our presets will enrich your photography.


RAW & JPEG Support

All our presets for Lightroom 4/5/6/CC and Adobe Camera Raw 7/8/9 support both RAW & JPEG files within the same preset!

Lifetime Updates

We are constantly striving to make our presets better and better. If this collection gets any improvements, you will receive update instantly after release!

Lightroom + ACR

You will receive files for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

Instruction Manual

Each Delicious Presets Collection comes with a 20-pages instruction manual ( PDF ) which contains:

  • Installation Instructions for OS X & Windows
  • Tuning the presets
  • Using Delicious Control
  • Sample step-by-step photo processing and tuning with Delicious Presets and Delicious Control to your own taste


All our collections are delivered as a zip package by e-mail INSTANTLY right after your payment.

The zip package contains all presets categorized in folders and the instruction manual in PDF.

Software Requirements

This presets collection works with:

Adobe Lightroom 4/5/6/CC and newer
Adobe Camera RAW 7.0 and newer
( Photoshop CS6/CC )

Delicious Control

In addition, this pack contains the Delicious Control collection to suit your taste better:

  • Delicious Sharpen Control [6 presets]
  • Delicious Grain Control [8 presets]
  • Delicious Tone Control [18 presets]
  • Delicious Vignettes [17 presets]

365 days money back Guarantee

We are here to help you create better colors faster in Lightroom and ACR. If you’re not satisfied with the presets within first 365 days after the purchase, just let us know and we’ll refund your money.