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If you need inspiration for your “Lightroom post-production time” then press the play button and listen to the 5th episode of our Delicious Podcast with wedding photographer from sunny Spain: Pedro Bellido. Marketing and business background separates Pedro from the photographic crowd and it’s definitely someone you need to hear now.

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Thank you for all the comments we received after publishing episodes with destination wedding photographer Eric-Rene Penoy, film wedding photographer Isabelle Hesselberg, and also the ones with Kevin Mullins and Marco Marinkovic. Also big up to our Insta-listeners for sharing your images on Instagram with the #deliciospodcast, it is so great to see the images developed in Lightroom while listening to this show, I can’t wait to see more of your work on Instagram with #deliciospodcast.

Next episode of Delicious Podcast soon, in the meantime you can find me on Facebook & Instagram. Drop me a line if you got any ideas for future guests in the show or any particular subjects you would like to hear.