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I am excited to introduce another great photographer from Europe today, please welcome Isabelle Hesselberg from the 2Brides Photography, straight from Sweden. I encourage you to listen to this episode till the end because there is something which may have a huge impact on you. It may help increase your motivation & your self-confidence. I remember when I first heard the amazing story behind Isabelle’s  success, I was blown away.

Sometimes in life or in your photography career you may think that some people achieved success because they had some advantages on the way, but when you really open your eyes and acknowledge those of us, who were fighting against big disadvantages (and still were able to get what they wanted to) you can come to this conclusion: everyone can make something great, what stops you is your lack of self-esteem and also the need for finding excuses. So don’t be like this anymore, and listen what Isabelle got to share with you.

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