115+ Inspiring Family Photographers You Can't Miss - impressive list with a lot of interesting photographers, often with photojournalistic approach

There is no doubt that the moments of childhood are fleeting. The moments we cherish, first smiles, first steps, cuts and bruises. These all make memories so beautiful and worth remembering. One picture can mean thousand words so why not freeze those moments in time? Kids, families are perfect photography subjects- there is always some emotion conveyed.

We wish to show you a collection of inspiring family photographers whose works are definitely worth seeing. Some of them you are probably familiar with, some may be new to you. The first place is honourable, however the list shouldn’t be treated as any kind of ranking, the numbers are meant to organize the list itself. :)

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So grab a cup of coffee and immerse yourself in the journey of great kids and family images!

1. Anna Kuperberg

Anna Kuperberg

website: www.kuperberg.com

An award-winning wedding and family photographer. Her works bring a sense of photojournalism into a family portrait. Her images seem to be spontaneous and natural.


2. Tara Whitney

Tara Whitney Photography

website: www.tarawhitney.com

Family photographer that captures life as it is. Specializes in kids, family, maternity and couples.  Her images seem very real and honest and always filled with positive energy.


3. Jenna & Tristan

Jenna & Tristan Photography

website: www.jennaandtristan.com

Award winning wedding and family photographers.Their style is documentary, their photographs are honest and fantastically show the personalities of the subjects portrayed.


4. Alina Mayboroda

Alina Mayboroda Photography

website: www.mayboroda.net

Portrait photographer that captures children in a stunning soft light.Most commonly, she creates wonderful portraits of her daughter.


5. Calvina Photography

Calvina Photography

website: www.calvinaphotography.com

Calvina photographs families in a style that is candid and experimental. These lifestyle shots are full of happy and timeless but also nostalgic moments.


6. Album Rodzinny

Album Rodzinny

website: www.albumrodzinnyfoto.com

Album rodzinny means family album and it is a project of photographing families in their natural environment, showing their everyday lives and their relations.


7. Bjorna Hoen Photography

Bjorna Hoen

website: www.bjornahoen.com

Bjorna Hoen is a natural light lifestyle photographer. Apart from kids and family sessions we can also find stunning birth stories in her portfolio.


8. Rebecca Leimbach

Rebecca Leimbach

website: www.rebeccaleimbach.com

Rebecca Leimbachis a portrait photographer but this time she focuses on the growing friendship between her only daughter and English bulldog. Heartwarming story definitely worth seeing.


9. Amanda Danziger

Amanda Danziger

website: www.amandadanziger.com

A photographer but also filmmaker. In her photography portfolio apart from weddings you will also find well- composed and magical pictures of children and families.


10. Heather Howard Photography

Heather Howard Photo

website: www.heatherhowardphoto.com

Heather Howard specializes in film photography. She does wedding but also family photography where she shows a fantastic ability to capture connections between people.


11. Stephanie Marie Photography

View More: http://stephanie-marie-photography.pass.us/whisler

website: www.stephanie-marie-photography.com

Stephanie Marie’s family images emit so much positive energy that simply cannot be missed. Natural posing, great colors, emotions- these are all components of Stephanie Marie’s photography.


12. Heather Perera

Heather Perera

website: www.heatherperera.com

Heather Perera is a fine art photographer specializing in portrait, family and maternity photography. Her pictures capture moments in time and tell stories in a very beautiful and honest way.


13. Tout Petit Pixel

Tout Petit Pixel

website: www.toutpetitpixel.com

Lifestyle children and family photography. Tout Petit Pixel fantastically captures the essence of childhood, the joy, energy and being carefree.


14. Antonieta Esis

Antonieta Esis

website: www.antonietaesis.com

Antonieta doeas lifestyle family photography capturing connections, important moments or daily routines. Her photographs are full of life and joy. Worth taking a look.


15. Allison Corrin Photography

Allison Corrin Photography

website: www.allisoncorrin.com

Allison Corrin is a natural light lifestyle photographer. She captures candid family moments both indoors and outdoors. Her frames are joyful but also nostalgic and intimate at times.


16. Wildflowers Photography

Wildflowers Photography

website: www.wildflowersphotos.com

Apart from weddings Wildflowers offer also lifestyle family sessions. In the photographs, beautiful, natural light is a key factor that makes the pictures so intense and pleasing to the eye.


17. Zalmy Berkowitz

Zalmy Berkowitz

website: www.zalmyb.com

Zalmy Berkowitz, apart from weddings does a fantastic family photography that seems to capture the essence of human spirit. Must see!


18. Magdalena Berny

Magdalena Berny

website: www.magdalenaberny.com

An award-winning photographer. Magdalena’s photographs are inspired by portrait paintings and approach childhood quite differently showing more reverie and melancholy.


19. Jessica Eileen Photography

Jessica Eileen

website: www.jed-photo.com

Jessica Eileen in her undone family sessions shows family life and love in everyday routines, no posing, being yourself, all those natural and sentimental moments people want to cherish.


20. Photoposy


website: www.photoposy.com

Photoposy is a full of life, fun and natural lifestyle photography. The artist captures the energy and the whole essence of family life in her frames.


21. StoryBox Art

StoryBox Art

website: www.storyboxart.com

StoryBox art creates authentic natural light family photography. In the photographs we see stories of people that are often connected with their environments.


22. Brooke Schwab


website: www.brookeschwab.com

A wedding and also family lifestyle photographer. Her frames are so real and candid that one feels like a part of this beautiful visual story she captures.


23. Megan Rathjen Photography

Megan Rathjen Photography

website: www.meganrathjenphotography.com

Megan Rathjen is drawn to documenting life as it happens. Real moments, daily routines, fun- this is what we will find in Megan’s great pictures.


24. Erica Montgomery Photography

Erica Montgomery Photography

website: www.ericamontgomeryphotography.com

Family photographer that captures moments as they are. Photography with genuine emotions and real life. Life as it is.


25. Erin Hensley Photography

Erin Hensley Photography

website: www.erinhensleyphotography.com

Erin Hensley is a documentary style photographer that captures natural and raw moments in life. No posing, no polished surroundings. Honest and beautiful images of real life moments.


26. Ashley Dougherty Photography

Ashley Daugherty Photography

website: www.ashleydoughertyphotography.com

Natural light lifestyle photographer. Ashley photographs in natural surroundins without any backdrops or props. Real life and real moments is what matters the most.


27. Aimee T. McNamee Photography


website: www.aimeetmcnameephotography.com

Aimee T. Mcnamee is a natural light lifestyle photographer specializing in in-home and on-location natural sessions. She fantastically photographs human connections and emotions.


28. Erin Rene Photography

Erin Rene Photography

website: www.erinrenephotography.com

Erin Rene is a fine art portrait photograher specializing in children and families. Amazing pictures filled with positive emotions.


29. The Stork and the Beanstalk Photography

The Stork and the Beanstalk Photography

website: www.ashleyjennett.com

As the artist herself states: Life is messy and not everything is posed. And this is what her photographs are. They capture life and all that comes with it.


30. Snaplife Photography

Snaplife Photography

website: www.greenvillespartanburgbirthphotographer.com

Snaplife Photography does family, child and maternity photography, but also specializes in birth photography, which is absolutely worth seeing.


31. JMD Arts


website: www.jmdarts.com.au

facebook: www.facebook.com/jmdartsofficial

Jen Maunder photographs children and families. Her frames show the artist’s love for beautiful colours and natural light.


32. Tamryn Jones

Tamryn Jones

website: www.tamrynjones.com

Tamryn Jones is a child and family photographer that shows great love for black and white photography. She is also drawn to light and shadow in her pictures that is a characteristic for her fantastic style of photographing.


33. The Red Baloon Photography

The Red baloon Photography

website: www.theredballoonphotography.com

The Red Baloon Photography does child and family photography but also captures couples and portraits. The style shows a bit of love for vintage and the pictures seem a little dreamy, like from a fairy -tale.


34. Wild Whim Photography

Wild Whim Photography

website: www.wildwhim.com

Wild Whim does wedding but also family sessions. The style is a mix of candid photojournalism and fine art portraiture.


35. Ariel Renae Photography

Ariel Renae

website: www.arielrenaephoto.com

Ariel Renae specializes in wedding photography but she also does family photography that shows beautiful composition and fantastic colors.


36. DeAnna McCasland Photography

DeAnna McCaslan Photography

website: www.deannamccasland.com

DeAnna McCasland photographs children and families in a documentary style. She finds beauty in simple things, in everyday lives. Childhood is presented with great simplicity and at the same time with so much beauty and outstanding light.


37. Lifeography


website: www.lifeographer.com

Family photographer with an incredible eye for portraits. Beautiful colours, composition, lighting and emotions- these are all the things you’ll notice in the pictures.


38. Yasmina Cowan Photography

Yasmina Cowan Photography

website: www.yasminacowan.com

Yasmina Cowan is an on location family, newborn, kids lifestyle photographer. She documents stories of people in the most authentic way and is an advocate of in home sessions as they are more real and genuine.


39. Christina Block Photography

Christina Block Photography

website: www.christinablockphotography.com

Wedding, children and family photography. Christina’s style of photographing is organic and journalistic. She perfectly captures emotions and feelings in her work.


40. Erin Beck Photography

Erin Beck Photography

website: www.erinbeckphotography.co.uk

Erin Beck specializes in children’s portraiture. Her photographs fantastically show the dynamics of childhood and the connections and relations of family members.


41. Pinkle Toes Photography

Pinkle Toes Photography

website: www.pinkletoesblogstalker.com

Pinkle Toes Photography doeas family, newborn, maternity and children photography. The artist in her work focuses on telling stories. All natural, no artificial posing.


42. Michelle Mez Photography

Michelle Mez Photography

website: www.michellemezphotography.com

Apart from weddings Michelle Mez photographs children and families. Her well-composed portraits are filled with beautiful colors and fantastic light. Definitely worth seeing.


43. The Life You Love

The Life You Love

website: www.thelifeyoulovephotography.com

Apart from weddings and couples The Life You Love also does family sessions. In the pictures we will see lots of vivid colors but also dramatic black and whites. On top of that-beautiful light.


44. Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman

Jennifer Tonetti Spellman

website: www.jennifertonettispellman.com

Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman is an in-home documentary photographer that specializes in photographing children in their homes. Focuses on what is natural and real. This makes her photographs very honest and beautiful.


45. Berit Alits Photography

Berit Alits Photography

website: www.beritalitsphotography.com

Berit Alits apart from weddings photographs families and does children’s portaiture. She focuses on interactions and moments in her lifestyle family photography and the portaits of kids are strong, beautifully lit and show the personality of the one portrayed.


46. Parikha Mehta Photography


website: www.parikhamehta.com

Parikha Mehta focuses on capturing moments in her family photography. She shows real emotions and genuine everyday moments. Every picture tells a story, a beautiful narrative of the people photographed.


47. Kirsten Lewis

Kirsten Lewis

website: www.kirstenlewisphoto.com

Kirsten Lewis is an award winning wedding and portrait photographer. Her family sessions are so genuine and so beautifully honest that we feel as if being a part of the story.


48. Maria Manco Photography

Maria Manco Photography

website: www.mariamanco.com

Maria Manco is a natural light documentary and lifestyle family photographer. What strikes most about her pictures is the beautiful light that she captures in her frames.


49. Michelle L Morris Photography

Michelle L Morris

website: www.michellelmorrisphotography.com

Michelle primarily does child and family photography. Sho portrays childhood with all the emotions: joy but also nostalgia. Perfect composition, great lighting.


50. Gray Benko Photography

Gray Benko Photography

website: www.graybenko.com

Gray Benko photographs newborns, children and families. The artist has definitely an eye for capturing connections and personalities.


51. Erika Verginelli Photography

Erika Verginelli Photography

website: www.erikaverginelli.com.br

Erika Verginelli is a lifestyle photographer that also shoots children fashion advertising campaigns. Her style is vivid and the pictures are filled with incredibly positive energy.


52. Izzy Fotografie

Izzy Fotografie

website: www.izzyfotografie.nl

Apart from photojournalistic style of weddings, Izzy Fotografie does documentary family sessions. No posing, natural moments, pictures that tell beautiful stories.


53. Ali Deck Photography

Ali Deck Photography

website: www.alideckphotography.com

Ali Deck is a lifestyle photographer that perfectly tells beautifully lit visual stories by finding genuine and authentic moments in lives.


54. Lindsey Bergstrom Photography

Lindsey Bergstrom Photography

website: www.lindseybergstrom.com

Lindsey Bergstrom offers fine art lifestyle photography for newborns and families. Her work is a mixture of fantastic lifestyle session and gorgeous fine art portraits.


55. Andrea Hanki

Andrea Hanki

website: www.andreahanki.com

Andrea does weddings, maternity, newborn and family photography. Her pictures are vivid, positive and natural. Great frames with so much good energy vibriting.


56. Erika Ray Photography

Erika Ray Photography

website: www.erikarayphotography.com

Erika Ray does lifestyle photography. Her way of photographing is journalistic and helps create honest images of real life.


57. Kristen Cook

Kristen Cook photography

website: /www.kristencook.com.au

Kristen Cook is an award winning wedding but also newborn and baby photographer. Kristen’s pure and delicate images are created in her natural light studio.


58. K Dimoff Photography

KDimoff Photography

website: www.kdimoffphotography.com

The artist captures childhood and family real moments and fantastically documents the precious time that fleets.


59. Shelby Brakken Photography

Shelby Brakken Photography

website: www.shelbybrakken.com

Shelby Brakken does wedding and family photography. Awesome composition, perfect moments, beautiful light- we can find these all in Shelby’s photographs.


60. Sonya Khegay Photography

Sonya Khegay Photography

website: www.sonyakhegay.com

Sonya Khegay is a natural light photographer. Apart from weddings in her portfolio we can find candid and pastel-like family photographs.


61. Caroline Tran

Caroline Tran photography

website: www.carolinetran.net

Caroline Tran apart from wedding photography specializes also in baby and family sessions. Outstanding composition, delicate colours, great lighting- you’ll see all that in Caroline’s frames.


62. Suzanne Gipson Photography

Suzanne Gipson photography

website: www.suzannegipson.com

Suzanne Gipson creates fantastic family lifestyle photography. Her pictures tell stories and the artist captures moments, real and genuine moments in the lives of the characters in the stories.


63. Kate T. Parker Photography

Kate T Parker Photography

website: www.katetparkerphotography.com

facebook: www.facebook.com/katetparkerphotography

Kate T. Parker’s awesome works has been frequently published and shown in a number of galleries. Astonishing light, perfect composition. Definitely must see!


64. Melissa Weicker

Melissa Weicker Photography

website: www.melissaweicker.com

Melissa Weicker in her family session focuses on connections, on what is honest, genuine, sometimes even imperfect. Her flair of telling stories can be seen in her fantastic frames.


65. Catherine Giroux

Catherine Giroux

website: www.catherinegiroux.com

Catherine Giroux does wedding, maternity, newborn and family photography. The family pictures have lifestyle form and seem very joyful and positive and real.


66. Tim Coulson

Tim Coulson Photography

website: www.timcoulson.com

Tim Coulson does both wedding and family photography. In his sessions he tells beautiful, complete stories. He composes fantastically in awesome spots.


67. Katy Tuttle Photography

Katy Tuttle Photography

website: www.katytuttle.com

Katy Tuttle is a natural light photographer. As the artist states herself, her photographic style derived from movement methodologies and dramatic pause. And these influences we can see in her beautiful photographs.


68. Spanki Mills Photography

Spanki Mills photography

website: www.spankimills.com

Spanki Mills specializes in high school seniors, children, and families. The sessions are about genuine, life’s precious moments with awesome light and delicate colors.


69. Kerry Varnum Photography

Kerry Varnum Photography

website: www.kerryvarnumphotography.com

Kerry Varnum is an on-location, natural light photographer. She specializes in newborn, baby, children and family. The artist combines lifestyle and portrait photography to make the best use of both worlds.


70. Corrie Michael Photography

Corrie Michael Photography

website: www.corriemichaelphotography.ca

Corrie Michael is an award winnining and published photographer, specializing in custom newborn portraiture but she also does weddings, maternity, children, and family portrait sessions.


71. Summer Murdock Photography

Summer Murdock Photograohy

website: www.summermurdock.com

Summer is a child and family photographer. In her work you will see magic, light, perfect composition. And all that with great simplicity and authenticity.


72. Robin Chavez Photography

Robin Chavez Photography

website: www.robinchavez.com

Robin Chavez photographs children and families in absolutely breathtaking locations that make the pictures look like from a fairy tale. Additionally, Robin mastered the art of top notch post-processing, which makes the photographs look stunning.


73. Barbara Stankiewicz Fotografia

Basia Stankiewicz fotografia

facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Basia-Stankiewicz-Fotografia/159556570746337?sk=info&tab=page_info

Barbara creates magical children portraits where the light, the color, the composition, the look work perfectly to create amazing photographs.


74. Carolina Hanna Photo

Carolina Hanna Photography

website: www.channaphoto.com

Carolina Hanna does maternity, newborn and childhood sessions. She travels to clients’ homes or other locations to beautifully capture the most precious moments in life.


75. Raye Law

Raye Law photography

website: www.rayelawphotography.com

Raye photographs newborns, babies and families. Her style has been described as “earthy, beautiful, and honest”. Definitely worth seeing.


76. Ginger Unzueta Photography


website: www.gingerunzueta.com

Ginger finds beauty in everyday moments, in details, in imperfections. Her lifestyle photography is emotional and at the same time joyful. As life is.


77. Clare Barker Wells Photography

Clare barker Wells

website: www.clarebarkerwells.com

Clare’s family sessions are unconventional. No posing, capturing life and moments as they are. Apart from family sessions, Clare photographs newborns and does maternity sessions.


78. Mae Burke Photography

Mae Burke Photography

website: www.maeburke.com

Mae Burke is a natural light photographer that focuses on showing the essence of motherhood. Her fantastic works are moments of joy, peace and fullfillment.


79. Monika Stachura

Monika Stachura fotografia

website: www.monikastachura.com

In Monika’s works we will find nostalgic and soulful newborn and maternity sessions, as well as colourful and joyful family pictures.


80. Apples and Honey Photography

Apples and Honey Photography

website: www.applesandhoneyphotography.com

Apples and Honey Photography does different genres of photography: from weddings and couples to newborns and families. Her family pictures fantastically capture the connection between the people. Very positive and creative images.


81. Justine B Photography

Justine B Photography

website: www.justinebphotography.com

Apart from weddings, Justine tells family stories through her pictures. Documenting, not posing with a simple, yet cadid and real style. Must see.


82. Nicky Bosch Photography

Nicky Bosch Photography

website: www.nickiboschphotography.com

Nicky Bosch is a natural light portrait photographer specialized in children portraiture. In her pictures she captures authentic expressions, emotions and all the features that makes every child unique. The portraits created are magical and through the moments captured, tell stories.


83. Pinball Photography

Pinball Photography

website: www.pinballphotography.com

The artist captures children in a candid and joyful way. Great eye for perfect moments that tell real stories evoking smiles.


84. MColichio Photography

MColichio Photography

website: www.mcolichiophotography.com

Mcholichio is maternity, newborn, childhood and family photographer. She documents life with emotions and all the small and raw details that make it unique and worth remembering.


85. More Than Words

More Than Words

website: www.morethanwords.se

The artist behind More Than Words creates fantastic family sessions with playful and authentic images. Beautiful chaos, real moments of true emotions are the most vital elements of the photographs by More Than Words.


86. Sonia Stich Fotografias

Sonja Stich Fotografias

facebook: www.facebook.com/SonjaStichPhotography

Sonja’s child and family images are absolutely magical. Playing between shadow and light, the artist creates beautiful stories that feed imagination. Definitely worth seeing.


87. El Hogan Photography

El Hogan Photography

website: www.elhoganphotography.com.au

El Hogan specializes in family photography, baby photography, kids photography, newborn photography and lifestyle photography. The artist uses natural light and her images are fun, relaxed, full of laughter, love, light and personality.


88. Lindy Pfaff

Lindy Pfaff Photography

website: www.lindypfaff.com

Lindy Pfaff is a lifestyle and portrait photographer. Her works are magical, beautifully lit and very honest. The artist through her pictures captures real connections between people, tells beautiful stories of precious moments in life.


89. Jessica Thomason

Jessica Thomason photography

website: www.jessicathomason.com

Jessica Thomason is a natural light storytelling photographer specializing in documentary family sessions in home or on location. In her frames she finds beauty in everyday routines and chaos. The sessions tell stories. Real authentic stories of lives.


90. Amanda O’Donoughue Photography

Amanda O'Donoughue Photography

website: www.amandaodonoughuephotography.com

Amanda O’Donoughue is a portrait photographer that primarily works with mothers and their children but she also does documentary birth photography. Her pictures are magical and intimate at times to serve as the best memory for the years to come.


91. Anne Scherrer Photography

Anne Scherrer Photography

website: www.annescherrer.com

Anne Scherrer is a natural light portrait photographer. Her works are pure and soulful and the artist fantastically plays with delicate light and color.


92. Lauren Mitchell Photography

Lauren Mitchell Photography

website: www.laurenmitchellphotography.com

Lauren Mitchell specializes in documentary family photography. She looks for authenticity, shows what life is at that particular moment. Thus, her photography is honest and beautiful.


93. Felicia Chang Photography

Felicia Chang Photography

website: www.feliciachangphotography.com

Felicia Chang is a family documentary photographer that captures moment-driven images. She shows beautiful chaos of life as well as smallness and tenderness of newborns. Real life as it is.


94. Kirsty Larmour Photography

Kristy Larmour Photography

website: www.kirstylarmour.com

Kirsty Larmour is a lifestyle photographer. In her sessions she perfectly combines the three elements: light, composition and connections to make unique and beautiful stories.


95. Lisa Visser Fine Art Photography

Lisa Visser Fine Art Photography

website: www.lisavisserfineart.co.uk

Lisa Visser Fine Art Photography specialises in creating timeless, emotive images of children. Beautifully lit with delicate colors and incredible emotion, the photographs are absolutely must see.


96. Bonnie Hussey Photography

Bonnie Hussey Photography

website: www.bonniehusseyphotography.com

Bonnie Hussey is a family & birth photographer. Her pictures are stories. Some intimate, some playful and vivid, some sentimental, some candid. Yet, they are all linked with perfect light and moment.


97. White Smoke Studio

White Smoke Studio

website: www.whitesmokestudio.pl

White Smoke Studio apart from weddings do fantastic family sessions. Documentary style of photographing where everything is right: the moment, the story, the light.


98. Karen Osdieck Photography

Karen Osdieck Photography

website: www.karenosdieckphotography.wordpress.com

Karen Osdieck is a natural light child and family photographer. Karen fantastically operates shadow and light to create stunning and magical images.


99. Jess Croshaw Photography

Jess Croshaw Photography

website: www.jesscroshawphotography.com

Jess Croshaw is a natural light lifestyle photographer. The artist looks for real emotions and fantastically captures connections.


100. Sarah Landa Photography

Sarah Landa Photography

website: www.sarahlanda.com

Sarah Landa specializes in lifestyle and fine art portraits, maternity, newborns, families, weddings. The artist has a great eye for capturing connections between people as well as fantastic composition.


101. Erin Konrath Photography

Erin Konrath Photography

website: www.erinkonrath.com

Erin Konrath is a natural light lifestyle and portrait photographer who specializes in children and family sessions. The artist works on location or in the comfort of one’s own home. Her pictures are little stories full of emotions and positive energy.


102. Rebecca Wang Photography

Rebecca Wang photography

website: www.rebeccawang.us

Rebecca Wang is a lifestyle photographer. She has an undisputable flair for capturing decisive moments that create authentic and bautiful stories.


103. Jessica Deane Photography

Jessica Deane Photography

website: www.jessicadeanephotography.com

Jessica Deane is a natural light on location photographer. The artist in her photographs shows the essence of childhood: laughter, messy hair, little feet and the beauty of being carefree.


104. Autumn Harrison Photography

Autumn Harrison Photography

website: www.autumnharrison.com

Autumn Harrison Photography specializes in senior, engagement, family and wedding photography. Autumn is an on location and natural light photographer. Her family shots are positive, vivid and full of life and great color.


105. Orange Anchor Photography

Orange Anchor Photography

website: www.orangeanchorphotography.com

Orange Anchor Photography shoots weddings but aslo family sessions. What strikes most about the pictures is the incredible liveliness. The pictures are vivid and colorful showing the greatest possible enthusiasm for life stories.


106. Bee Chalmers Photography

Bee Chalmers photography

website: www.beechalmers.com

Rebecca (Bee) Chalmers is an on-location, natural light photographer specializing in baby, children and family photography. As the artists says “laughter and other spontaneous bursts of authentic connection inspire my photography”. And this is exactly what we can see in her fantastic images.


107. She Saw Things: Photography by Jen Downer

She Saw Things. Jen Downer

website: www.shesawthings.com

She Saw Things is a natural light portrait studio specializing in creative, alternative families & individuals who want honest, personality-filled photo documentation of their lives.


108. Kevin + Stephanie

K&S Snapshots

website: www.kevin-stephanie.com

Kevin and Stephanie are lifestyle photographers that do not only wedding but also family sessions. Their style is photojournalistic and through their pictures they tell wonderful stories with raw emotions and perfect moments.


109. Alec Mills Photography

Alec Mills Photography

website: www.alecmillsphotography.smugmug.com

Alec Mills is a lifestyle photographer who apart from weddings also does family, maternity and newborn sessions. Also, the artist offers birth documentation. In the pictures Alec shows documentary approach to photographing famielies so we can see daily routines and ordinary moments wrapped up in wonderful images.


110. The Spragues

Daniel Aaron Photography

facebook: www.facebook.com/bythespragues

The Spragues photograph weddings but also do lifestyle family sessions showing the moments of life and fantastically capturing the spirit of each family.


111. Clicks by Fer

Clicks by Fer

website: www.clicksbyfer.com

A side project by Fer Juaristi who is a fantastic wedding photographer. This time he offers fun portrait sessions with traditional film cameras.


112. Chasing Tydes

Chasing Tydes Photography

website: www.chasingtydes.com

Chasing Tydes does fantastic lifestyle family sessions that capture the most precious moments in the family life. The artist in the portfolio has also stunning underwater sessions which are beautifully composed and original.


113. Roxanne Bryant Photography

Roxanne Bryant Photography

website: www.roxannebryant.com

Roxanne Bryant specializes in fine art family photography. The artist has a great eye for detail that makes every family portrait she takes unique.


114. Marcela Rafea Photography

Marcela Rafea Photography

website: www.marcelarafeaphoto.com

Marcela Rafea is a natural light portrait and lifestyle photographer. She documents memories of life in lifestyle family sessions and also creates beautiful and intimate portraits of families.


115. You Look Nice Today Photography

You Look Nice Today photography

website: www.youlooknicetodayphoto.com

You Look Nice Today strives to bring natural, laid back, and true to life photography to those looking for a timeless and unique look. The images have organic, soft and natural color qualities and are definitely worth seeing.


116. Ashley Elizabeth Photography

Ashley Elizabeth Photography

website: www.colormeashley.com

Ashley Elizabeth does different types of photography, from wedding, to family and portraits. Her images are fresh, vivid and colourful.


117. Yan Yan Yan Photography

Yan Yan Yan photography

website: www.yanphoto.com

Yan offers lifestyle photograhy sessions. The artist has an incredible flair for embracing the family spirit in the pictures. The images are intimate but also joyful and authentic.

Your suggested family photographers

Do you know any inspiring family photographer not mentioned here? Let us know in comments, this list is not closed :)