Delicious Podcast Episode #1 - Marko Marinkovic

This is episode number one so let me share the reason, why I decided to record this show for photographers. I live in a village in Poland, far from so called Big World, and I believe I am not the only one. In my opinion there’s far too many photographers who are just too shy to break their own comfort zone, and meet with other photographers to gain some knowledge from them. Internet can break this distance and realizing this fact was the first step for me to think about doing something that can influence live and business of many people like me.

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Inviting the first guest to the show was very easy, I knew it suppose to be someone like  Marko Marinkovic – excellent photographer, who shoot destination weddings pretty much all over the globe. Nikon picked him to be their brand ambasador, and last but not least: he and Petar Jurica are organising the Wedding Photography Festival called The Grain in Zagreb – Croatia, in february 2018 – all the information you will find on The Grain festival website.

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