10 September 2013

23 Wedding Photography Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

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23 Wedding Photography Mistakes

Planning to shoot a wedding? Well, tough assignment to take on. The stakes? Really high! It simply does not matter if you work as a pro or as a newbie. There are some things out there you should know about in order to avoid serious mistakes that could ruin your pictures and in fact, ruin your career.

1. “I’m a PRO”

Lot’s of people turn into photography as a hobby. As the hobby is not a cheap thing, a lot of them want to make a profit out of it. But, please. Be realistic about your skills. Having a decent DSLR and some experience set of gear is surely not enough.

This is the photographer that takes pictures, not the camera.  The investment is expensive and it goes to a very competitive market where only those skillful, talented and creative will survive. If you start in the business, be frank about that. Present a realistic picture of your current experience and where you are at your photographic journey, especially when you get paid for the assignment.