Krzysztof Ziętarski, autor i twórca Delicious Presets - Presety do Lightrooma, Workflow dla fotografaHi there!

My name is Krzysztof Ziętarski and it’s actually me behind the Delicious Presets. I’m a photographer, but also I’m a happy husband and a father of four wonderful sons ( four as for now :-) ) Also, I am a fervent roman catholic fascinated with everyday life of faith. I appreciate Beauty, Goodness and Truth, truly reflected in catholic Tradition.

I love to eat well, do some pizza tossing in the kitchen – which you can’t tell yet :-) – and drink a decent cup of white coffee. Another love of mine is music. I used to create a couple of guitar pieces. Right now I mainly listen to baroque music and do it as often as possible.

The whole story started a few years ago when I took up photography professionally, mainly wedding photography. From the very beginning I was hyper sensitive to high quality image editing, its colors and tones. I explored different methods of post production ( thousands of images to edit every month! ) just to find the ones that are fast and at the same time do not lose beautiful, eye-pleasing colors.

In November 2011 I started to share my knowledge and experience on Delicious Presets website. At the beginning Lightroom 3 presets were only available, then I added Lightroom 4 presets and finally in September 2013 I also shared my workflow for Lightroom 4 / 5 and Color Efex Pro 4.

Krzysztof Ziętarski
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P.S. Actually my great love for food made me compare editing pictures to adding spices to food. That inspired me to name the shop Delicious Presets with a logo like this :-)