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Lightroom Presets Review for Delicious Presets

“When I stumbled across Delicious Presets, and their Delicious Colors Collection, I found something magical!”

When I was given the task of shooting a vintage style wedding on a bright sunny day, I struggled to find a flattering and pleasing tone set for the photos. Every preset I owned degraded the quality of the summery feel of the event.

When I stumbled across Delicious Presets, and their Delicious Colors Collection, I had found something magical! There is a preset for any occasion, some for bright outdoor light, some for faithful tones and some extra ones for creative control. The sharpen presets, which are graded by the severity of sharpness, really sped up time in post process.

The couple were very happy with the results from the wedding day, and I was very happy with the preset bundle I purchased! I would definitely recommend these to all my co workers!

Jon Sparkman
wedding and portrait photographer, UK
Jon’s Facebook fanpage: Sparkman Photography

Delicious Recipes Review for Lightroom 4/5 & Color Efex Pro 4

“Great color reproduction, delicate tone transitions & simplicity!”

The moment I saw Krzysztof’s pictures on his website, I got absolutely mesmerized by the colors. What struck me was the delicacy and the fact that the colors were repetitive in each and every shot. I kept browsing and luckily I came across a website – a kind of “know-how”, where Krzysztof shares his knowledge about color in Lightroom. Well, getting acquainted with his wedding portfolio, I was pretty sure that was the way I wanted to follow in my own workflow.

These lightroom presets are just awesome. [ Complete Collection ]They fantastically reproduce the colors of various sets as well as the skin colors. Not only, there are delicate transitions between lights and half-shadows, which is great. But what I like best about them is the simplicity of use..When I work with weddings or portraits and get to post-process, I easily obtain cohesive material in terms of colors. And you know what? I get that in spite of light and setting changes. Well, obviously I could get that before, yet, it required a great deal more of time spent with each frame. And the great news is that each of the presets can easily be edited according to your own unique style.

I personally use Delicious Presets with majority of my photographs, starting from commercial ones, like weddings or portraits. Here, I am really into “Creamy Portrait” but I also use them in family photography, which I find immensely dear since my little boy was born. Apart from that, I use Delicious Presets with my own, personal projects, street photography and here I’m into my beloved one black and white preset “BW Smooth Shadow”

Rafał Kulwiec, Gdańsk, Poland

Recenzja Delicious Recipes dla Lightroom 4/5 i Color Efex Pro 4

“If Delicious Recipes were available before, I would have saved several years of trial and error testing”

I was looking forward to the brand new Delicious Presets product, as I was always impressed with the colors by Krzysztof Ziętarski. While waiting for the moment he shared his methods of post-processing, in the meantime, I was working on my own workflow feeling convinced that I would always follow it. I couldn’t be more wrong. :) Having followed Krzysztof’s workflow for Lightroom and Color Efex Pro I willingly kick my old habits and start using similar, yet much simpler system of post-processing with Delicious Recipes.

The aspects about Delicious Recipes post-processing I loved most:

Picture touch-up – New system divides the workflow into two stages (LR+CEP), which gives a fresh insight into the photo twice. This way, I have the chance to correct any possible previous mistakes that result from the fact that your eye gets used to the colors. Then, I can work on the best effect of the photograph.

Speed – The key thing – especially when you have to edit several thousand pictures a year, just like I do :)

The simplicity of developing – proper raw image developing according to the tips in the manual together with subsequent work with the set of Color Efex Pro effects allows me to bring out the details and improve tonal range of the picture. This way, I can get rich colors without spoiling their natural beauty at the same time.

The possibility of adjusting post-processing to one’s own style – Delicious Recipes helps a great deal when it comes to fast development of digital images with the colors I formerly had to put great effort into getting. With the help of Color Efex Pro one can easily adjust the look of the pictures to one’s own style and taste.
Too bad that the product wasn’t available before… I would have saved several years of trial and error testing. I do recommend!!

Marcin Mentel || Facebook Fanpage

Marcin’s results achieved with our Color Efex recipes in literally minutes:

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