Delicious Storyteller - New Presets for Lightroom & ACR ( Camera RAW Photoshop )

On February 17th we launched the three new Lightroom & ACR ( Camera RAW ) Presets Collections – Delicious Storyteller.

We put a serious dose of our effort and professional knowledge into these newly created presets collections. We also considered the most important current needs of photographers regarding post-processing which you asked for.

The three new Delicious Storyteller collections will work great every time there is an interesting story to tell with photography.

We grouped all these new presets into collections by the mood, and different nature of post-processing colors you like.

Here are the Delicious Storyteller presets:


Delicious Storyteller #1 - kolekcja presetów Lightroom + Adobe Camera RAW ( ACR )
Delicious Storyteller #1
Natural, versatile colors.

Delicious Storyteller #2
Bold, expressive tones.

Delicious Storyteller #3
Bright & soft colors.


Delicious Storyteller #1+#2+#3
Regular price of collections: $150
Regular price of bundle: $120
Savings: $30

Fourfold Collection + Delicious Storyteller #1+#2+#3
Regular price of collections: $310
Regular price of bundle: $210
Savings: $100

Fourfold + Delicious Recipes + Delicious Storyteller #1+#2+#3
Regular price of collections: $410
Regular price of bundle: $280
Savings: $130

Sample Photos

This time we invited our friends, great photographers, to show the effects of the Delicious Storyteller presets on their photos.

Huge THANK YOU goes to:
Karen Osdieck
Gosia Michalak
Fotograf Kraków (WhiteStory)
Gosia Krajewska
Tomasz Tołłoczko
Marcela Cerbon
Autumn Harrison.

Just notice how beautifully their photos look:

DeliciousStoryteller#1-Lightroom-ACR-presety-przyklady-ST07 DeliciousStoryteller#2-Lightroom-ACR-presety-przyklady-ST12-ST13 DeliciousStoryteller#2-Lightroom-ACR-presety-przyklady-ST09 DeliciousStoryteller#3-Lightroom-ACR-presety-przyklady-ST21 DeliciousStoryteller#3-Lightroom-ACR-presety-przyklady-ST18 DeliciousStoryteller#3-Lightroom-ACR-presety-przyklady-ST17 DeliciousStoryteller#3-Lightroom-ACR-presety-przyklady-ST20

More of these beautiful photos you will find on a Delicious Storyteller page.

What about the previous collections?

And what now about the Complete Collection? Perforce, we must have changed it’s name, because from now on it doesn’t contain all the Lightroom/ACR Presets we offer.
Recently we updated all the collections that are into this bundle and if we prepare new updates, they will be sent the same way to all the photographers using them.

Complete Collection is then now available under the name of Fourfold Collection.

To keep our offer simple and clear, we resigned from offering these particular collections in smaller bundles.
Now you may buy them separately, in Fourfold Collection or in bigger bundles with Storyteller presets and with the Delicious Recipes workflow.


For a nice beginning, the Delicious Storyteller presets were available with up to 40% discount, which we announced on our mailing list, facebook fanpage and facebook group.

Still you can buy the presets with up to 30% discount until Monday, Feb 29th.