30 August 2017

#3 Delicious Podcast with 2Brides Photography – Isabelle Hesselberg

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Delicious-Podcast 2Brides photographyIsabelle-Hesselberg

I am excited to introduce another great photographer from Europe today, please welcome Isabelle Hesselberg from the 2Brides Photography, straight from Sweden. I encourage you to listen to this episode till the end because there is something which may have a huge impact on you. It may help increase your motivation & your self-confidence. I remember when I first heard the amazing story behind Isabelle’s  success, I was blown away.

Sometimes in life or in your photography career you may think that some people achieved success because they had some advantages on the way, but when you really open your eyes and acknowledge those of us, who were fighting against big disadvantages (and still were able to get what they wanted to) you can come to this conclusion: everyone can make something great, what stops you is your lack of self-esteem and also the need for finding excuses. So don’t be like this anymore, and listen what Isabelle got to share with you.

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Find Isabelle online:
www: 2brides.se
insta: instagram.com/2brides
fb: facebook.com/2brides

Thank you for all the comments we received after publishing the last episode with documentary wedding photographer Kevin Mullins and the one with Marco Marinkovic. Also big up to our Insta-listeners for sharing your images on Instagram with the #deliciospodcast, it is so great to see the images developed in Lightroom while listening to this show, I can’t wait to see more of your work on Instagram with #deliciospodcast.

23 August 2017

#2 Delicious Podcast with Kevin Mullins

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Thank you for the listening first episode of Delicious Podcast (conversation with destination wedding photographer Marko Marinkovic).

We have another amazing content for you today. The story of a photographer that had ONLY 2 weddings in the portfolio and signed 69 contracts for the following year.

I think when you listen to Kevin Mullins story you will get something for yourself. Let’s say: maybe you charge too little for your work, spending too much time editing your images, can’t find the right work-life balance? Kevin been there and done that, and GUESS WHAT? He’s willing to share his experience with you.

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Find Kevin on the Web:

www: kevinmullinsphotography.co.uk
instagram: instagram.com/kevinmullinsphotography
fb: facebook.com/GloucestershireWeddingPhotography

16 August 2017

#1 Delicious Podcast with Marko Marinkovic

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Delicious Podcast Episode #1 - Marko Marinkovic

This is episode number one so let me share the reason, why I decided to record this show for photographers. I live in a village in Poland, far from so called Big World, and I believe I am not the only one. In my opinion there’s far too many photographers who are just too shy to break their own comfort zone, and meet with other photographers to gain some knowledge from them. Internet can break this distance and realizing this fact was the first step for me to think about doing something that can influence live and business of many people like me.

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Inviting the first guest to the show was very easy, I knew it suppose to be someone like  Marko Marinkovic – excellent photographer, who shoot destination weddings pretty much all over the globe. Nikon picked him to be their brand ambasador, and last but not least: he and Petar Jurica are organising the Wedding Photography Festival called The Grain in Zagreb – Croatia, in february 2018 – all the information you will find on The Grain festival website.

Find Marko in the Web:

www: marinkovic-weddings.com
instagram: instagram.com/mweddings
fb: facebook.com/mweddings