28 February 2016

Delicious Storyteller Presets – First Reviews and Photos from Photographers

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Delicious Storyteller - review and photos

From the photographers using our new Delicious Storyteller presets we receive a very positive reactions, just like this one from Rebecca:

“Oh my goodness, these are beautiful!!!
I’ve used VSCO for a very long time, and haven’t found any that I love more…
but these, they are taking the cake.”
Rebecca Wang

We’re very happy to hear that the new presets fit very well into your photography stories :) Below we show some more photos processed with Delicious Storyteller presets.

27 February 2016

Delicious Storyteller – New Presets for Lightroom & ACR

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Delicious Storyteller - New Presets for Lightroom & ACR ( Camera RAW Photoshop )

On February 17th we launched the three new Lightroom & ACR ( Camera RAW ) Presets Collections – Delicious Storyteller.

We put a serious dose of our effort and professional knowledge into these newly created presets collections. We also considered the most important current needs of photographers regarding post-processing which you asked for.

The three new Delicious Storyteller collections will work great every time there is an interesting story to tell with photography.

We grouped all these new presets into collections by the mood, and different nature of post-processing colors you like.

Here are the Delicious Storyteller presets: (more…)

2 February 2016

How to “Enable Lens Profile Corrections” on all photos in Lightroom

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Enable profile corrections on all photos in Lightroom

The automated lens vignetting and distortion corrections feature was firstly introduced in Lightroom 5. It is simply awesome and makes the lives of photographers one step easier.

However, did you ever try to create a preset which would automate the task of checking the “Enable Profile Corrections” checbox on each image, regardless of the lens used in particular photo?

If you tried, then you know it’s not possible to make it applicable to all the lenses. It’s a fact, that when you create a preset with Lens Corrections enabled, the preset stores the info about the lens profile you choose.

How about the larger photo sets where you have a few hundreds photos and want all of them to have profile corrections enabled?

There’s still a quite easy solution to this problem which we developed some time ago!