Lightroom JPEG Presets

Finally after finishing my wedding season I have enough time to work on making Delicious Presets better and better for you :) Right now I work on updating all Lightroom 4 Presets Collections, so they will include both RAW and JPEG optimized variants! I will also include some minor changes to better fit all your photos :) More details to come soon as well as the information about new product for Lightroom 4! Woohoo! :)

Below are 11 JPEGs out of camera ( originally shot in RAW, converted to JPEG in original Nikon software – Capture NX ) processed with one of the presets from the Black&White Pepper Collection – Portrait Special JPEG. This preset gives expressive bw tone with bold contrast :) I just tuned the very few basic settings ( Exposure, Highlights, Shadows ) for each photo – so easy to fit the preset.

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