November 5, 2012 – Gdansk, Poland

Lightroom Presets from New Website Delicious Presets Help Photographers with Post-Processing Work

The User-Friendly Site Features a New Line of Products for Lightroom 4

Delicious Presets, a company that features lightroom presets for professional photographers, recently launched its user-friendly website as well as a new line of products for Lightroom 4.
Through the website, professional photographers may now choose from four new collections of presets for Lightroom 4. The presets include new LR4 features, like the recently-improved RAW files processing, which is an improvement over Adobe Lightroom 3.

In order to better serve their customers, the new Lightroom 4 presets from Delicious Presets are divided into four collections. These include Delicious Colors, which is ideal for great colors; Delicious Analog Story, for the desired vintage analog film look; Delicious Distinct Analog, for stronger vintage analog effects; and Delicious Black & White Pepper, which features 12 presets for the best black and white processing.

The Lightroom 4 presets are also available in bundles at a lower price. For example, customers who purchase Delicious Colors together with Black & White Pepper will save $10. Those who buy Double Analog, which is perfect for those who like a vintage look, will save $10. Anyone who purchases Double Analog and Black & White Pepper, which is the ultimate bundle for photographers who also want to achieve a vintage look with their photos, will save $20. And customers who buy the complete collection of Lightroom 4 presets at once will save $30 on their purchase.

“At Delicious Presets we work on providing you tools to increase the quality and speed of your post-processing,” an article on the company’s website noted, adding that all of the company’s lightroom presets are available as instant downloads and can be paid for either through secure payments with PayPal, or with a credit card.

“If you like great colors and tones just like we do, these are the best professional lightroom presets for you.”
Using the Delicious Presets website to order is easy; photographers can visit the site at any time and look through the various presets that are available. A blog that features posts relating to photography is already a popular feature with visitors to the site; one of the most recent posts discusses tips on how photographers can capture some of the current rich autumn colors in their work.

About Delicious Presets

Delicious Presets provides professional tools for photographers to help them in post-processing photos. The new website now offers the presets for both Adobe Lightroom 3 and Lightroom 4, and is always looking to expand its product lines into other types of photographic software that will help photographers quickly achieve great results with their photos. For more information, please visit