Low Light Lightroom Wedding Presets

We all love great sunlight on the summer weddings – it is so easy then to enhance the emotions with nice backlights and warm sunset. It also demands less efforts in post-production. Many available presets work well with easy conditions, but when you shot the last wedding in February, a ceremony took place in a dark church with artificial light only and it was already dark outside when the party began, you know it won’t be so easy to obtain beautiful colors in Lightroom.

I processed all these photos with one of the Delicious Colors Presets for Lightroom 4 – Creamy Portrait. I just tuned the very few basic settings ( Exposure, Highlights, Whites, Shadows, Black ) for each photo – so easy to fit the preset! :)

Two B&W pictures was processed with BW Soft Portrait preset from the Delicious Black&White Pepper Collection for Lightroom 4

New feature: hold your mouse over an image to see the photo before applying the preset! :)

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