Low Light High ISO Lightroom Presets

Photography is all about light and with great light you can create astonishing photos. It is also not so hard to apply presets in Lightroom when photography was filled with awesome daylight. But how Delicious Presets handle low light situations?

In a wedding photographer work it is nice to have beautifully lit venues, but we often work in a very low-light situations requiring to go up with camera’s ISO. Thanks to the digital photography we have usable ISO 1600, ISO 3200 or even ISO 6400 and ISO 12800, so we are not obliged with using flash in our wedding documentary photography.

I chose 15 low-light photos from the wedding reception of Ola & Roman from the late September. After the first dance the couple asked me to take a session in the recording studio when Roman plays the drums with his colleagues. All the photos are ISO 1600, ISO 2000 and ISO 3200.

I processed all these photos with one of the Delicious Colors Presets for Lightroom 4/5 – Bright Portrait. I just tuned the very few basic settings ( Exposure, Highlights, Whites, Shadows, Black ) for each photo – so easy to fit the preset.

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