Lightroom 5 Presets = Lightroom 4 Presets

After Monday’s release of new Adobe Lightroom 5, I received a lot of questions from you about using our Lightroom 4 Presets as Lightroom 5 Presets. Basically, all our Lightroom 4 Presets work just the same way in Lightroom 5, so you can use them in both versions with full support! :)

Lightroom 5 received interesting new features and Advanced Healing Brush is my favorite one. Now I have even less reasons to open images in PS ( as LR is now capable of more advanced retouch ), so welcome faster editing! :) More features are: Upright, Radial Filter ( very useful, although I have my own way to create subtle burn/dodge, which I will share with you soon ) and Smart Previews.

All the new improvements don’t touch the core develop process, in which our presets work, so they just create the same effects either in Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 5.

If you are not sure if to upgrade your LR4 to LR5, just download the new Lightroom 5 and run a free trial for 30 days.