Fashion Lightroom Presets

As I’ve done post-processing of all the weddings, I can now work at full blast to come out on improving and updating all our Lightroom 4 Presets Collections. As soon as the updates will be ready, they will be sent to all of you who bought the single collections or bundles! :)

I shot this session a month ago for the Zolline Jewellery. All the shots were taken with pure daylight and in bright interiors, so natural colors are what they fully deserve :) Our Delicious Colors will work great as fashion lightroom presets.

I processed all these photos with presets from the upcoming update for Delicious Colors for Lightroom 4. It will be very easy now to switch between each preset. I work also to refine our collections and group them better. The Delicious Colors Collection will be now even more focused on beautifully emphasizing natural colors.

Before / After: hold your mouse over an image to see the photo before applying the preset.

Fashion Lightroom Presets

Fashion Lightroom 4 Presets

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