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Wedding and family photographer, the author of Delicious Presets - I'm here to help you improve and speed-up you photography post-processing.
27 June 2013

Weddings with Lightroom Presets – Dejan Djuric

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Wedding Lightroom Presets

Dejan Djuric is a professional photographer in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina ( hey, I was there with my wife for our honeymoon – Balkans is such a beautiful place on earth! :) /Krzysztof ). He mainly shoot wedding photography and since a few weeks for his daily work he uses two of our Lightroom 4-5 Presets Collections – Analog Story and Delicious Colors. Here is what he says:

Delicious Presets review testimonial

I have been using your presets for quite some time and
I am really satisfied with them!
Delicious Presets is the tool I have been looking for!

Dejan Djuric – Professional Photographer, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

His pictures with off-camera flash and well captured joyful moments are definitely worth noticing :) Make sure to follow his facebook page and other social profiles if you like his work :) Thanks for the testimonial and your images, Dejan! (more…)

26 June 2013

Wedding Lightroom 5 Presets – Ligia & Eduardo by Juliano Godoi

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Wedding Lightroom 5 Presets

Juliano Godoi uses Delicious Presets Complete Collection for Lightroom 4-5 for his wedding photography. He loves to use off-camera flash for creative details and portraits. Yesterday he has shown me a couple of outstanding photos from his recent wedding. Color photos here were processed with the Autumn preset from Delicious Colors, black and white photos were processed with the B&W Portrait Special preset from Black&White Pepper Collection. Both collections work for Lightroom 4 & Lightroom 5 – Juliano just updated to Lightroom 5, so he continues to work with all the LR5 goodness in his hands :) (more…)

12 June 2013

Our Lightroom 5 Presets = Lightroom 4 Presets

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Lightroom 5 Presets = Lightroom 4 Presets

After Monday’s release of new Adobe Lightroom 5, I received a lot of questions from you about using our Lightroom 4 Presets as Lightroom 5 Presets. Basically, all our Lightroom 4 Presets work just the same way in Lightroom 5, so you can use them in both versions with full support! :)


7 June 2013

Family Photography Lightroom Presets – Zosia

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I love shooting family photos at the beach, it is so beautiful surrounding for timeless photos :)

I processed these photos with Bright Portrait preset from the recently updated Delicious Colors Lightroom Presets Collection ( now for RAW & JPEG! ). I love the Delicious Colors Collection used as Family Photography Lightroom Presets :)

Before / After: hold your mouse over an image to see the photo before applying the preset.

11 May 2013

Press Release: Delicious Presets Upgrades Lightroom Presets Collections

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May 11, 2013 – Gdansk, Poland

Delicious Presets Upgrades Lightroom Presets Collections

Delicious Presets’ Adobe Lightroom 4 Collections Were Upgraded With More Emphasis on Quality and User Experience

Delicious Presets, a post-processing resource website, has recently announced several changes to their Adobe Lightroom presets collections.

The website’s Delicious Presets bundles were recently upgraded to include higher quality and user experience. In this way, each preset is finely tuned and can be applied quickly, which results in faster workflow.

The most important changes include color and tone improvements—especially Delicious Colors, which is now more focused on natural colors. All presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG files.

Additionally, Delicious Presets changed minor features of each collection by adding new presets and omitting some that did not fit with the collection. As a result, each collection’s components fit better with its theme.

8 May 2013

180+ Remarkable Wedding Photographers

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180 Remarkable Top Wedding Photographers
author: Krzysztof Ziętarski

Looking for inspirational, fresh look on the weddings? I chose 183 wedding photographers worth looking at – some of them you may already know, but the others may surprise you! :)

Note: The numbers here were added mainly to organise and keep list in order, also to help you navigate through the links. However, the order itself may reflect loosely my own preferences and may relate not only to photography skills, but also other important virtues of people/brands which makes them worth knowing ( and all photographers here are definitely worth! ) :) And it doesn’t mean the photographer #506 is somewhat worse than #342.

#1 is my personal favorite and I give Ryan the biggest honors for creating such an impressive amount of inspiring work. It’s so hard to believe it is all possible by man! 😉

Let’s make a journey:

1. Ryan Brenizer

2. Dave + Quin Cheung ( DQ Studios )

3. Ben + Erin Chrisman ( Chrisman Studios )

4. Jonas Peterson

5. Nordica Photography ( Cole + Jakob )


25 April 2013

Vintage Lightroom Presets for Engagement Session

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Vintage creative tones are popular right now, as they easily add nice flavor to the photo. However, just tweaking your contrast, desaturating image and adding some split toning might not satisfy you ( me too 😉 ). Then you have to dig deeper into Lightroom settings just to find the tone you will be happy with :)

I processed these photos with Love Letter preset from the recently updated Distinct Analog Collection for Lightroom 4/5 ( now for RAW & JPEG! ) These vintage lightroom presets can do wonders for you.

Before / After: hold your mouse over an image to see the photo before applying the preset.

19 April 2013

Free Lightroom Presets Updated

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Free Lightroom Presets Update

After last update to our Lightroom 4/5 Presets Collections it is a right time to update also our Free Lightroom Presets. They are now 3 original presets ( Portra 400NC, Analog 400 and Pastel Tone ) + 15 presets from Delicious Control Collection. They support both RAW & JPEG within each preset and are compatible with Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 5 beta :)

Take a look at these newly designed Free Lightroom Presets: (more…)

3 April 2013

Sunlit Wedding Portraits – Analog Story Lightroom Presets

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Sunlit Wedding Photography Lightroom Presets

I love to shoot wedding sessions in the late afternoon, when the day starts to fade into warm sunset and then all the beautiful colors show up at the sky! These changes happen quickly, so they give great variety of light and colors.

To emphasize the warmth of light I processed these photos with Analog Dreamer preset from the recently updated Analog Story Collection for Lightroom 4 ( now for RAW & JPEG )

Before / After: hold your mouse over an image to see the photo before applying the preset.

2 April 2013

1.1 Update to all Lightroom 4 Presets Collections

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Lightroom 4 Collections Update to 1.1

It’s been almost a year since we released our Lightroom 4 Collections.

For me it was a very productive year, working mainly with the weddings and on improving Delicious Presets for you.

I received a lot of positive feedback from you and it’s nice to hear our presets work great for you! :)

There were also a few constructive suggestions for how we can improve the Delicious Presets, so we put them all together with our concepts and made the 1.1 UPDATE to all Lightroom 4 Presets! :)

All updates were just sent to all our customers.

Here are the details about an update: (more…)