28 October 2015

Lightroom & ACR Presets – 1.2 update

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Two and a half year passed since the last update to our Lightroom Presets. So many things to change during this time and we also matured in our photography journey. The aspects we covered in this update ( 1.2 ) are:

  • Added Adobe Camera Raw presets in each package
  • More subtle contrasts and tonal transitions
  • Balanced, cohesive colors within each collection
  • Softer settings for sharpening, balanced within each collection
  • Each preset is now available in two variations: a “+” one with stronger contrast and the “-“, softer version:
Delicious Presets - Lightroom & ACR presets update 1.2

Our Free Lightroom & ACR Presets collection also got updated. It now contains these presets:

  • BW Analog 200
  • Portrait 200
  • Pastel Tone


Take a look at our current looks. You’ll find more samples on product pages, i.e. Complete Collection of Lightroom & ACR Presets.

Delicious Presets - Lightroom & ACR presets update 1.2 Delicious Presets - Lightroom & ACR presets update 1.2 Delicious Presets - Lightroom & ACR presets update 1.2 Delicious Presets - Lightroom & ACR presets update 1.2 Delicious Presets - Lightroom & ACR presets update 1.2

-20% discount

To celebrate the update, we set the -20% discount on all the Delicious Presets for Lightroom & ACR. The discount ends by 8th of November. Take a look at the products:

29 September 2015

115+ Inspiring Family Photographers You Can’t Miss

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115+ Inspiring Family Photographers You Can't Miss - impressive list with a lot of interesting photographers, often with photojournalistic approach

There is no doubt that the moments of childhood are fleeting. The moments we cherish, first smiles, first steps, cuts and bruises. These all make memories so beautiful and worth remembering. One picture can mean thousand words so why not freeze those moments in time? Kids, families are perfect photography subjects- there is always some emotion conveyed.

We wish to show you a collection of inspiring family photographers whose works are definitely worth seeing. Some of them you are probably familiar with, some may be new to you. The first place is honourable, however the list shouldn’t be treated as any kind of ranking, the numbers are meant to organize the list itself. :)

( By the way, did you see our similar 180+ Remarkable Wedding Photographers list? )

So grab a cup of coffee and immerse yourself in the journey of great kids and family images!

1. Anna Kuperberg

Anna Kuperberg

website: www.kuperberg.com

An award-winning wedding and family photographer. Her works bring a sense of photojournalism into a family portrait. Her images seem to be spontaneous and natural.

22 April 2015

Lightroom 6 / CC Presets Compatibility

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Lightroom 6 / CC Presets Backward Compatibility

Adobe Lightroom 6 / CC Release

Yesterday Adobe released new version of Lightroom. This is Lightroom 6 as an perpetual license purchase, and Lightroom CC as a part of Photography CC subscription.

New Lightroom brings us some neat features, like Panorama Merge, HDR Merge, Facial Recognition, performance improvements using GPUs ( always welcome! ), Filter Brush, Improved Web Galleries, Advanced Video Slideshows, etc. ( full list of what’s new in Lightroom )

“Will my Lightroom 4/5 Presets Continue to Work?”

What interests us the most, when using presets, is that the develop engine stays the same as in Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 5. This means there’s no need to rewrite our develop presets. They work totally the same way like they do in Lightroom 4 and 5. You can use additional features given in Lightroom 5, 6 or CC, but our Lightroom presets affect only the sliders which are all the same in Lightroom 4/5/6/CC and they give the same effect in all these versions. The same applies to Delicious Recipes – our fast workflow for Lightroom 4/5/6/CC + NIK Color Efex Pro 4.

-30% discount

To celebrate the new Adobe’s release, we added -30% discount for all our products. The discount is valid through April, 27th, 2015 – enjoy! :)

15 January 2015

How Alex Win Made Carrying Lighting Gear Effortless With This Awesome Tool

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Carrying Lighting Gear Strobist Tool - Golf Cart DIY

No assistant? Lots of gear to handle yourself? A camera, or more, set of lens, lights, modifiers, stands, a generator and of course bags and only two hands. And how about changings locations a couple of times? How cool does that sound?

Anyone of you photographers who struggle with the challenges of managing all the lighting equipment when going out on location should read this. We had a fantastic opportunity to talk to Alex Win, a photographer standing behind a golf cart that turned into a portable light stand. We asked him a couple of questions that could answer some of your questions and give you a hint on how to improve your work.