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Delicious Colors - Lightroom presets with natural, subtle colors

Krzysztof Ziętarski, the author and creator of Delicious Presets - Lightroom Presets, Professional Photography Workflow Soultions

About the author

Hi there!, I’m Krzysztof Ziętarski and it’s me behind Delicious Presets. I’m a wedding photographer and also family photographer and Delicious Presets is the way I would like to share with you my post-processing experience for easy 1-click effects on your photos.

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Analog Story - Presety analogowe, filmowe do Lightrooma

Lightroom 4/5/6/CC Presets by Delicious Presets

Lightroom & ACR presets

Fast editing work with Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw. We love colors, and with Lightroom & ACR we squeezed them out till the very last drop. Learn more about our four collections:

Delicious Recipes - fast workflow for Adobe Lightroom + Color Efex Pro Recipes - great for wedding photography and family photography

Workflow for Lightroom 4/5/6/CC
& Color Efex Pro 4

Quick and effective workflow for ultra fast editing of hundreds of photos with beautiful colors. You will easily get the colors you love, and a step-by-step guidance will speed up your work with whole collections of images.

In the pack you’ll get everything you will need to start your fast work with Lightroom and Color Efex Pro:

  • Adobe Lightroom 4/5/6/CC presets preparing RAW files for further work
  • Color Efex Pro Recipes – 14 for color processing, 5 for B&W tones ( newly added in 1.1 update! )
  • A detailed guide full of information and tips
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Delicious Recipes - Workflow for Lightroom 4/5/6/CC + Color Efex Pro 4 Recipes
Free Lightroom Presets

3 Free Lightroom & ACR presets:

  • Pastel Tone
  • Portrait 200
  • BW Analog 200
In the pack you’ll also find 6 presets from Delicious Control collection to fine-tune the edit better.

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